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The easiest sports game any sports fans could play is predict the score. Sports fans often casually challenge their friends to predict the result of sports matches and see who's more smarter about the sport.

Our sports prediction game allows these natural prediction urges to flow by playing a comprehensive and yet simple to play prediction game where sports fan can predict the outcome of sporting matches. Each game is based on a specific sporting event, like English Premier League or Formula 1.

Users can predict each match based on the outcome (win, lose or draw) or the final score (for football, rugby, cricket)  or ranking (formula 1, cycling).Users are ranked based on their most correct predictions. The person that predicts the most matches correctly, wins the game.

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Our prediction application is seamlessly integrated with our fantasy sports application. This offers a total sports gaming experience to sports fan where they can choose to play one or both games.

Part of our sports games development is to reach out to as many people we possibly can, hence our prediction applications are equipped with multi-lingual capability, from English to Chinese and beyond.

  • Integrated user registration process
  • A user that registers to our sports games can play both fantasy sports and prediction game in one account.

  • Multi platform
  • Sports fan can play our prediction games anywhere they want, from web, Facebook, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, J2ME and even WAP. They can do their prediction even while they are watching the game on TV.

  • Viral marketing via friends invites
  • Users can challenge their friends to predict matches. They can invite via email, Facebook or Twitter. This helps to spread the word around about the game and drives usage and traffic

  • Email newsletters, iPhone push messages, Facebook feeds, Twitter twits
  • In order to create a stronger engagement with users, our prediction games also comes bundled with built-in messaging tools to reach out to the users. Each messages can be uniquely catered for branding or product marketing purposes

  • Statistics and metrics
  • Our prediction apps are equipped with measurement tool to collect usage statistics such as time spent on site, most viewed pages, who's viewing what page, number of clicks on ads, who's clicking the ads, number of viewed newsletters, Facebook comments or likes, number of Facebook  friends invites or share

  • User registration and market survey
  • Each time a user joins our game, their information is gathered with the users' consent. More information can be collected for marketing or market survey purposes. Information can be collected via web, Facebook, iPhone, Android and more

  • Fully integrated social media sharing
  • Sharing is fun and ego-boosting in prediction games because users would want to tell their world what a great predictor he is. We offer lots of ways for users to share their prowess on Facebook, Twitter and more

  • Multi language is supported
  • Part of our sports games development is to reach out to as many people we possibly can, hence our prediction applications are equipped with multi-lingual capability, from English to Chinese and beyond.


It was a pleasure having to work with Fantasy4All during the intense period of the (Asian Cup) tournament and it has proven to us that they are able to work well under pressure. We were happy to have experience his determination and promptness in making sure the success of the project.

- Edwin Ng, Marketing Manager, Asian Football Confederation

Fantasy4All helped us to run the best fantasy sports games in Asia, offering 4 fantasy football games in 8 Asian languages on web and Facebook

- Calvin Lim, Head of Marketing,

Fantasy4All dedication in their work has helped us increase user engagement on our Facebook page through the Fantasy F1 game. The game has created substantial publicity and for our team on the social networks

- Kunal Shah, Deputy General Manager, Sahara Force India Formula 1 Team

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